• JM Appanah & Co. Ltd: official reseller of Quickbooks

    October 30, 2019 | Blog | admin
  • JM Appanah & Co. Ltd is one of the official resellers of Quickbooks, the leading accounting software for Small & Medium Enterprises. Check our launching offer.

    As the trusted patner of 275 SMEs, we viewed with concern the fact that the majority of SMEs in Mauritius use an illegal copy of the Quickbooks software.  We are now offering a legal access to this software, together with an up to date and flexible training at a reasonable price. Our offer is clearly a plus for entrepreneurs. With the support of our in house Quickbooks trainer, you will be able to make the most of this accounting software.

    Quickbooks is a software that is very easy to use, it is a tool which helps entrepreneurs to grow their business.

    Quickbooks provides visibility into the company’s performance through reports. Therefore, the entrepreneur has a better understanding of his business as well as of his financial performance. In addition, the data is continually updated, which allows to have a vision of the financial situation of the company. With Quickbooks, you can define a better strategy. Without a tool like Quickbooks, the entrepreneur should wait for a meeting with his accountant to discuss the company’s turnover. Now, with Quickbooks, the entrepreneur can access this information at any time.

    However, it is important to note that even with Quickbooks, the entrepreneur will still need an accountant. As the data is accessible in a precise format, the entrepreneur will need the support of an accountant to better prepare and develop his strategy.

    Why Quickbooks at JM Appanah?


    Our team has more than 10 years experience as users on Quickbooks.

    We implemented Quickbooks in more than 25 companies of all sizes during the last year.

    Solution orientation:

    We are not software sellers. Our goal is to help you choose the best version and implement. We ensure that the training is done. We assist to create accounts and provide a very close support during one month.

    Official ownership:

    You remain the owner of Quickbooks for your SME. You have complete control of the sale, official license and validation codes. These codes and licenses are provided from South Africa to each client at each transaction.


    We offer the best price for an official license.

    No additional fees for training or support during the implementation phase.

    Our fees: Official License+ Implementation+Training at Rs 30 000 + VAT.

    Back up:

    We have a pool of certified accountants using the software.

    Our trainings are designed to teach your team every aspect of Quickbooks management and use.

    For example, they will learn how to design reports or how to create their own invoice format.

    Output and Reporting:

    We offer dashboard representation of reports from Quickbooks for high level management.