• Payroll Service at JM Appanah & Co. Ltd

    November 28, 2019 | Blog | admin
  • At JM Appanah & Co. Ltd, we also provide Payroll Service, designed not only for SMEs but also for large companies. The Payroll Service is offered as a complete package. However, we can adapt to specific demands and needs of the customer, and offer a tailored service.

    “The advantage with the Payroll service is that the employer no longer has to deal with the salaries of employees and can focus on managing his business. In addition, we take care to consider new labor laws that can impact on wages, “explains Salim, senior accountant at JM Appanah & Co. Ltd.

    The Payroll service is a turn key service, the employer has only to inform the accounting firm about absences or bonuses that are to be allocated to employees. JM Appanah then prepares pay slips within 48 hours. In case of change, the cabinet adapts and is flexible. The Payroll service available at the accounting firm can also make the payment of wages. However, it is imperative for the employer be a client of the MCB because it is the only bank that caters for this service.

    The payroll is advantageous in various ways:

    • Real Time Data

    Employee data can always be viewed and processed in real time.

    • Accurate Reports

    Inaccuracies payment of salaries, tax deductions and tax compliance avoided.

    • Paperless

    Paperless work environment and reduction in your business carbon footprint.

    • Meet deadlines

    Staff salaries and Tax filing deadlines are met.

    • Meet compliance requirements

    Cloud technology provides updates on changes in the Mauritius laws.

    • Employer access

    Employers can access their won information.

    • Staff Classification

    All employees are properly classified and accurately paid.

    • Data security

    Cloud technology keeps data safe yet accessible to concerned parties.

    • Record keeping

    Safe, secure, and accessible payroll records.