• Trade License/fees – To Trade or Not to Trade

    January 30, 2020 | Blog | admin
  • Following amendment to Local Government Act, the Corporate and Business Registration Department (Office of Registrar of Companies and Businesses) will be a one-stop shop for payment of trade fees and business registration fees. In that context, the Corporate and Business Registration Department (CBRD) would like to inform the public that payment of the above fees should be done as from 03 January 2020 to 20 January 2020 at the office of the CBRD or online. Those exempted (i.e Trade fees not more than MUR 5,000) from payment of trade fees will have their exemption certificate posted to them. These businesses are not required to affect any payment.

    The confusion lies as to whether the applicant still needs a trade license to operate their business. At the district council and municipality level, officials are redirecting the applicants for the trade license to report to the Registration of Company for payment of the trade fees. What the new procedures fail to mention is that once payment is made, the applicant should go back to the district council and municipality to complete the process of obtaining a trade License. Those exempted from the Trade License simply have to affix their exemption certificate on the office notice board.